Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Memory

Sorry no photo to go with this story but I hope you can enjoy my story and make some mental photos to go along.
Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market with Carla and Caden. I don't get to see them much since they moved to Austin so spending even a little time with them is a joy. Caden is growing up so fast, he must be at least five now. I love going to our market, it is always and adventure. People bring their dogs, spouses and kids too. There are always fresh goodies and I always get a treat. We had bought our treats, mine was gone already, but Caden was still working on his brownie which had started out being about the size of his hand. We were sitting at a little table and I had my nice "environment friendly" bags on the floor beside me. We had been watching this cute long haired.daschound (I know that is misspelled but the computer won't help me). This little wiener-dog was about the color of milk chocolate. (We later learned that his name was Hershey) Well this dog was cute, and his owners came to a booth near our table and we asked if we could pet the dog. The dog eventually made it under our table and came over near me (at least I thought he was coming to me near me...) Caden and I are petting this "sweet" dog when suddenly he lunged for my loaf of fresh chabatta bread that was sticking up out of my bag! I then had to engage in a tug of war with Hershey over my loaf of bread. Caden is laughing that golden laughter of a child and a beautiful memory was etched to my brain. I hope I will never forget those moments. Of course, the owner was mortified. Tried to buy me a new loaf of bread, I declined, mainly because I was still laughing so much I had to concentrate on not peeing in my pants! Then the lady came over and insisted on my taking a card for a free breakfast at their restaurant. I could not get this woman to understand what a beautiful gift her naughty dog gave me.