Friday, July 11, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Whew! The time is flying by and I can hardly catch my breath! Yesterday Tom's golf tournament got canceled and so he and Ben spent the day together. Emily went with me and the girls (two of my former students) to do volunteer work at CAM. We were so busy. We had some very interesting people yesterday. It was a big life lesson for Emily, both about people with disabilities (like they grow up into adults but don't always look or act like adults) and the poor and/or homeless. Also surprising her was how some people come for help (aka free stuff) but don't necessarily look like they need the help. Case in point, was a mother who brought her 6 year old son in for clothes. The boy was playing a hand held Nintendo DS game boy while his mother was getting him free clothes. Emily says that game probably cost about $200. Oh well. I told her I was glad that I wasn't the person who had to interview them and determine what services they were eligible for.
Last night was a quiet night. Emily and I did go visit Jean (the mother of one of my Bible study friends) who broke her knee while visiting her nephew in Minnesota.
Today is Ben's golf lesson.
Emily and I are going to go pick up Michele's dog, Ginger. We are going to babysit while Michele goes to Kansas for a week. We are cooking spaghetti and meatballs tonight. The kids like to help cook and they are good at it. We fixed french toast this morning with Grandma Kisses (powdered sugar). Ben is a child after my own heart----he likes chai latte!!! Of course I had to add some honey to his!
I will try to take some photos today! It is hard to carry a camera around while you are busy having fun!