Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last Post of Camp Mamaw 2009

Well I got the kids off and they have arrived home safely. It is quiet in the house now, I took a little nap, watched one of my taped shows and have been reading. I miss them already. I think this was the best year yet. Maybe because they are older and ...well I don't know it was just wonderful. It is fun to spoil them and do things I know they like, but it is also great to have them see what our lives are like, eat our type of foods, see our friends etc. My desire is that we make lots of memories so that when they are older they have lots of "During summers I was at my grandparents and we..."
Before they left, we ate lunch at EZ's, another treat they enjoy. We got to the airport plenty early so they played a game they won the other day at Incredible Pizza.

Camp Mamaw Day Eight

Guess what "we" are doing today? If you get the right answer you get a dirty sox. We had another tradition for breakfast today, French toast with Grandma-kisses.

Camp Mamaw Day Seven

Would you believe another busy day?
We started by having Christmas in July.
We made candy, which is a Christmas
tradition for us. So we decided to break
another family tradition, and put
Christmas music on and sang while
we worked. See we have a rule that
no one in the family can sing Christ-
mas songs until after Thanksgiving.
So we were naughty and it was fun!
Then we sped off (leaving the candy
mess) and made it to the first
show of the 3-D G-Force movie.
Also fun. Then the kids swam and
I cleaned. We had frozen pizza and
then met the Hennigs to go down to
the Riverwalk to see the bats emerge
from their sleep, in droves. It was
pretty cool. We also participated
in a Pepsi promotion, although we
are devoted Coke fans. What good
sports we are!
Two of the Hennig-grandchildren, Ethan
and Hunter were here so we got to
enjoy the bat adventure with them.