Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adventuring Again

Well my Adventure Buddy and I were out for a new adventure last week to the European Film Festival. Of course we had to do MAJOR planning, because the event was Monday through Thursday, starting about 10 a.m. each day and going until apx. 10 p.m. Also films were showing in four theatres. We knew we would want to maximize our times so we planned and re planned. In the end, we had a ball. Oh yes, I forgot one of the most important features about this adventure, IT WAS FREE!. So when we saw a movie and we had no idea what it was about (and this was AFTER seeing it) we didn't feel too bad. We did lots of laughing( this is pretty much standard for us). We saw lots of gray hair, plenty of weird people and even a homeless woman with all of her belongings! You should have seen us trying to take some photos to use for the blog. Judy was the photographer and she was crawling on the floor, shifting steps trying to get an interesting shot. This is the one I chose because you can tell I had had enough of posing and was ready for another margarita.