Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the Boys

Just so you know
Sonny is on the left and Boo is on the right!

New Photos

Now it is not entirely my fault that you are just now getting these Christmas photos. Kristen just brought them to me...she is such a good photographer! I am proud of her.


Every time I open my blog, (and yes, I KNOW that is not so often) I see the photo of my poor old Brockett. Guess I need to change that photo, because my new puppies are so full of life and bring us so much happiness.
I will go work on that.

I learned something new...

Did you know...
when you clean an ear of corn and you have all of those strings?
Well those silks are like little corn umbilical cords. Each silk
attaches to a cornel of corn. That is how each one develops
getting its life though the silk.
Isn't that cool?
I learned that from Walt.