Monday, October 20, 2008

Michele's Victory Cruise

Hello Bloggers,
Please don't feel that I have been neglecting you. I actually, have been very happily busy.
I had the privileged to celebrate a very significant victory with some friends, and make some new friends in the process. Michele has been fighting breast cancer for over a year. Early in her treatment, she determined that in a year we would be celebrating and so we did. We took a short cruise out of Miami. Look at this group of happy people. Not everyone knew each other to begin with, actually not everyone even knew Michele. Now everyone had some connection but this is the most wonderful thing, you would NEVER be able to tell that we were not all long time friends! Everyone was so delightful and fun fun fun. Everyone got along so well and we laughed and laughed. Well, actually we celebrated.
Michele is doing so well. She just had her tattooing last week. So things are rocking along.
A nice little cruise like that would be nice once every month........
p.s. I did the design for the t-shirts and Jeff at Clark printed them for me. We had such a good time wearing them Sunday and we looked adorable!