Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Red Elvises

Hello my sweet blog friends. I hope you didn't think I fell off in to cyber-space. Actually I have been too busy. I don't understand it, I am retired, I am not suppose to be so busy. Some where, some place, some one, didn't get the memo.
But, if I am honest, I am having a ball. I am so grateful for my life. Tom and I did something extra fun last week. On a Tuesday night (wow a week night!) we went with two friend to Sam's Burger Joint to see the Red Elvises You HAVE to check out their web site! They are a music group, all of the members except the drummer, are from Russia. The bill themselves as a Russian, folk, surf, rock band, but I say they are a HOOT! The members dress in animal print clothes, wild wild clothes and shoes. Their songs, which they write are in English but they are crazy crazy. It is so hard to put them into words. I laughed and laughed. One of my very favorite things to do is do something I have never done before. You know an adventure? Well this was an adventure.
I wish all of you, my friends, many fun adventures.