Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day One Camp Mamaw

Well Ben and Emily landed and survived the flight from Dallas. They said the trip this time went very fast. When they got home we had a birthday cake for Ben then we headed for Incredible Pizza. We had 90 minutes of unlimited play on the games, lots of food to eat, then the thrill of redeeming the tickets they won in the game play.
Now Mamaw and Pepaw are pooped.

Camp Mamaw

Today is the first day of Camp Mamaw 2008. I am Mamaw, and my grandchildren are coming today! I am so excited and PePaw has also gotten in on the excitement this year. We have lots of fun things planned. I will keep you up on the fun. We are starting out the week celebrating Ben's birthday which was at the end of last month.
Here we go...........