Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today I am 60!

Yeppers. 60 years young and I love it. I had a wonderful wonderful day. Judy and I wondered the Hill Country looking for adventure and found lots. We picked up pecans in a park, say Warring, Comfort, and Wellfare then went to Bourne for a great lunch of comfort food (chicken and dumplings AND homemade dinner rolls!!! In the afternoon, I had a big red velvet cupcake. We were stuffed sufficiently that we stood our men up, having to take a rain check on dinner at chris Madrids......hated to do it but a girl just needs a nap on her 6oth. we did have fun, we always do but this was special. Started with breakfast and gifts (plus Walt painted a new picture! Great Chai latte, then off for a trip outside to the beautiful day. We picked pecans in a public part, and did other fabulous stuff. Judy, she is just the best friend a gal could have. It was a ME day deluxe. LIFE IS SO GOOD!
Here are two photos of Judy and I being Big Girls in Big Chairs. See any attitude?
Blessings to you all. I am so happy.