Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I need another vacation.

Less than 24 hours ago I was thinking thoughts like: "I can't wait to get home; I miss Tom so much; can't wait to see the dogs, how I miss them, they are so cute and so loving and I love sitting with them etc etc"
Well, this is why I need another vacation and am now thinking things too strong to print here. A little steam may be coming out of my ears now.
Ok, so Tom picks me up at the airport. As we are slepping my luggage into the trunk he says "We may have a little problem." I am thinking that I am so glad to be home and so glad to see him how bad could a little problem be? I get in the car and ask so what is the problem. Now we are still in the airport in the drive-through filled with car exhaust. He says "Can't you tell?" I take another sniff and it hits me! He has picked me up in my car because it is the one that will hold luggage. It is also the car that will hold the pet taxi, which we use to take the dogs to and from the cleaners (aka groomers). The dogs go to the groomers on Wednesday, it is Monday. Well apparently one or both of the dogs couldn't wait till they got home and pooped in the taxi/carrier. Tom didn't notice (????????????) and so my car sat closed up in the garage, in Texas, in the heat from Wednesday until Monday with dog poop in the carrier. Get my drift?????
Obviously the dogs had been left at the cleaners too long, but ...
Obviously Tom's head (or at least his nose) had been somewhere other than the car on Wednesday...
Oh well, obviously I am important to the successful running of this household...
So, ok, next day, Tuesday.
I have taken pet taxi out and hosed it down, washed the towels I keep in it and am ready to take a shower to freshen up. I have a big job ahead of me unpacking and doing all of the laundry. (One side note, Tom did do some laundry while I was gone, but he left the ironing for me to do...) So I go to turn on my Ipod which keep in a docking station in the master bath. It won't come on. I investigate and find that SOMEONE has chewed the cord!!! THEN, I notice that SOMEONE has torn the shade on the door in the exercise room! Now it is obvious that the dogs have also been left in the back of the house too long too!
I don't know who to be mad at Tom or the dogs!
I need another vacation.

First Cruise Post or How I missed my make up mirror.

While on vacation, I lined one eye with lip liner. Yep, that happened. Got one whole eye done before I realized what was happening. Somehow the color registered and I took a closer look at the pencil in my hand. Can only guess what it looked like, as I couldn't see---o b v i o u s l y!