Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lazy Day
Weird Day
for sure.
Tom and I just got back from Florida. (To see his dad and Mary. This is a trip that has its own special concerns, but it was totally the right thing to do and the right time to do it...)
But we just got back. We had to leave at the crack of dawn (before 6 a.m. Florida time), drive over an hour to get to the airport in Tampa, then catch a flight, transfer in Houston then get here. So we got her, had our Mexican food fix, then got home. Still lots of time left in the day to get stuff done---that is if you are anyone else but me. I can't get up to speed.
I did check my emails, caught up on the American Idol news that I missed, wrote down the 3 books I read while I was gone, and started the laundry.
Now I don't want to do anything except put on my p.j.s and watch t.v (or sleep until tomorrow starts)
Not so much of a late start gal....Tom is outside working in the yard, planting flowers, getting dirty, having fun.
I am being a slug...inside....
oh yes, worse part
we are home but no puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Our flight arrived at 11:55 a.m. and the kennel closes at noon! So it will be another whole day, until 4 p.m. tomorrow till w can get them. ugggggggggggg I miss my puppies...........
Do you feel my weirdness?