Monday, July 7, 2008

New Addiction (like I needed another one!)

I have a new addiction----Chai latte tea
I would like to blame it on Walt. Actually, maybe it is really Judy's fault. Or maybe I should blame it on Susan, Judy's sister. Yea, let's put this one on her. If she hadn't fallen in love and married Tony, she would have never moved to New Zealand. If Susan was not living in New Zealand, Judy would not have had to go to visit her there and Walt and I probably would not have gone to the Indian Buffet. Judy doesn't like Indian food, so there is no way we would have gone there otherwise. Sic... anyway I tasted the tea there and it was an instant hook! Wow. I had to know how to make this stuff at home. Luckily, I have a former student that is Indian. So I called her mom and asked her to teach me how to make the tea. So now I have it down. I even bought my own milk frother. I have got my home-recipe down but still long for a cup from Starbucks. Before this happened to me I never could relate to the people who HAD to go to Starbucks. I poo pooed them for spending such big bucks on a beverage (that was not served in a glass rimed with salt). Now I eat my words and take back my ugly judgemental thoughts. Shame shame shame. I had a $25 gift card that Tom got someplace. So having a tea from Starbucks was super great, not only because it was delicious (with 44 g of sugar!) but free. So I would so enjoy one after I had my weekly computer class. But alas, gift card is down to less than $2 and that won't buy an entire grande. So sad....I needed to start watching my calories anyway. Bye bye grande chai latte from Starbucks. At least I can make mine at home w/o sugar and it still hits the spot.
If you are ever in San Antonio, I will happily share a cup with you.