Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Teapot

Tea in Taos

If you are in Taos and want to have tea and the best scones this side of the Atlantic, go to the Turquoise Teapot. It is a charming little place, where the ladies make their own teas and scones. Not a big business. Is also a small florist. They did a shing-ding for Julia Roberts. More great fun.

Calling it a Day

This is the way to end a lovely day. Back on the deck, even better temperature, beautiful sunset and a nice cold margarita. This time add your wonderful friends. Try to beat that!

Starting the Day

How is this for starting the day? Sitting on the deck, nice temperature, this view and watching the birds. I think it is a fantastic way. Add a great cup of chai tea and I don't think it could be beat.

Shelf Life on Endorphins

I just got back from a wonderful week in the mountains of New Mexico with four of my good friends. (We actually picked up a new friend in Albuquerque.) Bottom line, we laughed for the full eight days. You know what they say about laughter being the best medicine, so now I am hoping that this great medicine we made together will hang on for everyone for a long time. Most of them are starting back to school this week, and I am giving praise (again) for retirement.
Last week we heard a statistic that was overwhelming. At the district from which I have retired, there were 400 openings for this school year, sounds good right? Well for those 400 openings, there were 20,000 applicants!
The age of teacher shortage is gone, at least here.