Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where I have been.

Dear Blog Friends,
I am sorry again to have been away so long.
Actually I have been very busy.
First there was a trip to LA to stay with our nephew
while his parents went to Ireland.
While I was there I read four book, took two
cooking classes, one Apple class and
went to Santa Barbara to visit our niece
(the sister of the nephew---tee hee)
and do lots of walking in the beautiful city
of Westlake Village.
So then, a week after I got back from LA, I drove to Houston
to co-give a bridal shower for another niece. Then I spent
a few days with my oldest (long time not age) friend, Diane.
We did lots of running around, and laughing, both which we
are very very good at.
then I drove to Dallas to attend the dance recital of my
beautiful granddaughter.
If my also beautiful daughter would send the the photos I
would share them........
then there was the long drive home.
Lots of driving and lots of happiness to be home
and in my own bed.
love to all,