Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Voting/AKA griping

Well I just got back from voting. What a mess! I don't know if I have never voted in a primary before or I just don't remember the way they do it. Seems so odd. We had to stand in different lines (demos and republos) then wait. I KNOW this place was short people and little green -count -the- vote cassettes. The workers were fussing over them (the green things) and there was just not enough people working. I also think they should have had signs or people telling everyone to either go here for Democrat or here for Republican. Then the guy checking me in asked me if I wanted my voter registration card stamped as Republican (oops I guess it's out...) I felt like I was in preschool--no I don't care for a sticker. To add to the mess, 3/4 of the voters did not bring their voter registration cards! I think that will be my new beef---no card, no vote. We did have to vote on if people should have to show a picture ID to vote------heck yes, I can't believe we don't ALREADY have to do that. Do you ever feel like we haven't progressed too far with our overall voting process? Maybe it is because we don't do it often enough. What do you think?