Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Good Bye and a Hello

OK, so my trip to New Zealand starts with packing. All of the packing experts tell you to wear your heaviest, bulky clothes on the plane because it save space in your luggage. Now I knew I was going to do lots of walking/hiking in NZ and would need to take my trusty hiking boots, so I wore them on the plane. We are on the way to the airport, I am in the back seat of Walt and Judy's car and I cross my foot over a knee and notice a puncture in the side of the heel of one boot. I looked on the other side of the same shoe and saw a little separation in the sole. I felt bummed but oh well. I figured whatever air was in the sole had escaped, might not be as smooth a ride. Well by the time we got to Pheniox to change aircrafts, the entire sole from the toe to the arch of the other shoe had come loose. I was flapping as I was walking like a clown or a duck or a crazy person. I had to go into one of the little shops and beg for a rubber band to lash the sole to the shoe for the rest of the trip. As soon as I arrived in Wellington, I told Susan, "I have to go buy some shoes!." What else could I do but laugh. When we were in the shop buying shoes I was leaving a little trial of disintegrating rubber. Pretty embarrassing.
My faithful traveling shoes have been with me for about ten years and have accompanied me on so many of my adventures. I had to say farewell to them after arriving in New Zealand.