Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camp Mamaw Day Five

Back to Apple Camp today for I-Photo. Lots learned and they did have fun. Both prefer doing the Garage Band to photos but they were both glad they went. After lunch at the food court, it was time to Back To School shop for Ben. He is so much easier than Emily, he just kept saying "Are we through yet!" He got the Startbucks treat today, although the man let Emily get a treat the coupon price,too. We are through shopping. They are at the pool with Tom and I am resting, so I will have the energy to cook dinner. I still haven't put everything away from the day were late getting back from Schlitterbahn!. Tomorrow is volunteer day. Ben has to choose to go volunteer at a jr. golf tournament or to go to CAM with me and the girls.

Day Four Continued

Camp Mamaw Day Four

Tuesday we started the day out at Apple Camp. Gee it is the BEST deal around. The kids got to go to 3 hours of computer camp, got a t-shirt, patch, and a disk with their work (not to mention the learning) for the fee of FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! They did Garage Band and both of them had a ball. They have come home and are doing new songs with what they learned. Totally cool. Tom picked Ben up after camp and Emily and I had a "girl" afternoon. We did Back to School shopping, had lunch, enjoyed a Starbucks treat and then ended the afternoon with a pedicure! Now that was a good afternoon.
Later that evening Ben, Emily and I went to Incredible Pizza. Tom was too pooped to go. So we chowed down on the buffet and got some video games played.

Camp Mamaw Day Three

Well today was full of water fun. We spent the day at Schlitterbahn. We arrived at about 10:20 a.m. and closed the park down at 8:00 p.m. We waited in lots of lines but we caught up on visiting. Carla, Dennis, Caden and Charles joined us. Everyone had tons of fun. No real sunburn injuries. We had put dinner in the crockpot so we had a bite to eat ready for us when we got home. Then it was straight to bed. Caden was being a little toot and didn't want his picture taken. But I got my kisses!