Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ok I know I have been gone too long.
Long story
Long road
but at any rate
I am here today! And VERY happy today.
I have met a gaol.
How long has it been since you did yourself the pleasure of setting a goal and then meeting it?
Well, this particular goal, I set more than two YEARS ago, and today I met it. I fell higher than a kite..
Well, I have always fought the battle of the bulge. I think I must have been born 130 lbs. Well more than two years
ago I joined Weight Watchers. Now this is after trying EVERY other diet that came around (and some were pretty ridiculous. But Weight Watchers has been the ONE for me. I made Lifetime today, so I don't have to pay anymore. There are a few restrictions, like I have to weigh in at least once a month and not go more than 2 lbs over my goal weight. I can continue to loose, to give myself a little cushion.
Friends, you just don't know how hard the last six weeks has been! See I met my goal weight 7 weeks ago, but then I had to keep it off for 6 weeks before I made Lifetime.
Today was the DAY. I am so happy, dancing, jumping up and down happy. Yelling happy! Yahooooooooo!
Thanks for sharing this joy with me.
(ps I lost more than 30 lbs......there are women there who have lost in the hundreds of pounds, but this 30 was important for me!) ppss if anyone wants any information about the program let me know....
heee heee
Happy Me.