Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Tea Party

Well Tom and I had another adventure last night. We started out about 3 p.m. to head downtown. We had some problems finding a place to park, but we did (and I got my power walk in for the day). By the time we got to Alamo PLaza there was already a huge crowd so we had trouble hearing much of the Glen Beck show that was airing from the Plaza. Slowly though the evening we worked our way up to about 8 deep from the (side) stage. So for the actual Tea Party speeches we had a fair visual. It was fun. Of course I love doing things I never have done before, so that usually makes me happy. But this was like being part of something. I was alive and kicking in the 60's, but have always been part of the silent majority, so this was my first shot at mass meeting for a message. Like I said all new stuff. It was great reading the signs, some were so great, people can be so creative. There were people dressed up like some of the fore fathers, and you have to know they had to be dying in the heaving costumes. It was hot and sunny and people were packed elbow to elbow. Everyone was well behaved (some more polite that others) but it went well. I am not a fan of big crowds but I am proud of myself for sticking it out.