Sunday, July 13, 2008


Things are going well here at Camp Mamaw. We went to see the movie Wall-e today and it is darling. Right now we are having some well earned quiet time.
Yesterday we did our school clothes shopping. Ben is such a boy! He just wanted to get it over with. Emily and I could have kept on going.
One new addition to camp this year, is the magic bag. I bought a group of surprises when Judy, Walt and I went to Gruene. There is an old fashioned general store there that has all sorts of unusual and old fashioned candy. Remember candy lips, and fizzies? That kinds of stuff. They have candy that looks like hamburgers and cell phones! Well I got some and put it in a bag and every so often Ben and Emily get to pull from the magic bag. This photo is Ben eating his "treat."
His white rat came with some rat-facts. Did you know a rat can squeeze though a hole the size of a nickel? Or that two rats can multiply to over 1 million in 3 days? That rats can go longer without water than a camel? And that a rat can tread water for 3 days? There was one other fact about holding its breath, but we all forgot the exact length of time. But believe me, rats will survive far longer than you and me.