Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Mamaw Day Two

Another big day.
Started with church
had breakfast tacos after
made the grocery list
had lunch at home
went to grocery store
(which was a chore because Tom usually does our shopping)
we had to try some new things
like figs, white peaches and
dragon fruit!
more swimming
more baking
had to make BackPack Bars to take to
Slitterbaun with us tomorrow
had sushi for dinner
Today went FAST!

Camp Mamaw Day One Continued

Camp Mamaw Day One continued

Ben and Emily are Here!

Well Camp Mamaw is on it's way.
Day One:
picked them up at airport
did jigsaw puzzles (one from New Zealand and one on computer)
baked cookies (and ate way too many of them)
went swimming
ate at Alamo Cafe
made stuff with balloons
and then I slept like a log.