Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp Mamaw Day Six

Sorry no photos today. I accidentally left the camera at home by the computer. So sorry. Ben decided to go with Tom to volunteer at the Jr. Golf tournament. I don't think he had all that much fun. It was high school students competing during their shift. The younger kids were in the afternoon..
Em went to CAM with me and the girls. We had a good time and everyone worked hard. I think it is still hard for Emily to get her head around someone being homeless. Also it bugs her when someone comes in for free things when they do not look nor act "needy." But it is an overall great experience for her and she did do a great job.
Emily went with me to meet my girlfriends for our usual Thursday night Bible at the Bar meeting. No one ran her out of the bar, thank goodness. She had checked a magic book out of the library so she was amazing all of the ladies with her new tricks.
Ben and Tom went swimming in the afternoon and neither one thought of sunscreen so little Ben was on the red side when we got home. He said it was his shoulders that hurt the most. Men! Can't leave them alone for long.
So that wraps up Day Six. It was another great day.