Saturday, February 2, 2008

Looking at the photo do you think I have been some place wonderful like the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? You know a place where the water is clear and blue and the beaches are filled with white foam from the waves coming in and out?
Well yea. But not today.
So this morning I was cleaning house and doing the laundry. (This is the two steps forward part.) There was a crash from the laundry room. Upon inspection I found my 2.34 GALLON container of laundry detergent had wiggled itself off of the dryer and was currently dispensing blue detergent all over the floor. As the blue goo was oozing its way to go under both the dryer and the extra refrigerator I grabbed the closest thing there was---towels. So I begin sopping up the mess with the towels. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to not toss the towels in the washer, thus preventing an I Love Lucy disaster on top of the mess I already had. But now what do I do with the towels full of detergent? (This is the 14 step BACK.)
And I was just trying to clean my house and do a little laundry.