Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fixin' stuff

Well, some of you are probably thinking, "Boy, she is chatty today. Been gone for months and now can't shut her up!"
I just thought I would share with you what I have been doing.
I have been fixin'. That is Texan for Fixing.
Most of the stiff that needed fixin', is Judy's. I guess the fights between she and Walt have gotten violent and her garden shears, her New Zealand worm Amy gave her, her New Zealand favorite tea cup got the brunt of the violence. I was able to fix everything except the teacup, she didn't give me all of the pieces. I guess it will become a pencil holder, I know she won't want to part with it.
In addition, I fixed the top to my (teapot's) cream pitcher, and sewed on a missing button. Of course I couldn't find the original button, but I found one close, and at least my boobies won't be falling out!
Feeling so handy.
p.s. I included the onion because I found it in the box where all of my glues were! No telling how long it has been in there. I don't even remember having it, but it gets tossed today. It is a perfectly good silk-like green onion. Hate to throw something perfectly good away but........I don't need a perfectly good green silk-like onion, do you? Speak fast, our trash days are Wednesday and Saturday (the trash is gone for today)

Boo and Sonny

I don't think you have met my two new babies.
this is Boo and Sonny... we got them on Halloween and we have been busy ever since. They are so much fun and so loving. Tom and I laugh at them all of the time. The little one, Boo is still a baby so he is still trying to train US. They play so well together and stick together like lint on black pants!
Boo's face is a mess in this photo, but they really are cute!


Isn't that a comforting phrase. Today, so full of opportunity and promise.
I feel so fortunate.
Actually, I am BLESSED, a zillion times over, and I am grateful.
But today, I am grateful because I am warm and cuddly in the house, in a sweatshirt that I rarely get to wear (cuz it gets cold very seldom in my kingdom) But it is very cold outside, but I am inside, looking at a day with great promise.
I can do anything I want.
What shall it be.
I chose you first.
To send my love and thanks for being my friends.
I count you as one of my biggest blessings.