Thursday, January 14, 2010

My mother's Robe

This is one thing I love about winter. I mean, real winter, when it is really cold. After all we don't get really cold very often, and certainly not for very long. But when the cold air settles, I love wearing my mother's robe. It if heavy, faded,cotton. I can't think of what the fabric is called, but bedspreads were made of this type of fabric. The fuzzy part made lines in the fabric.
I didn't keep many material things when my mother died, her wedding rings, a few dishes, a cookie jar and her robe.
When I wear the robe, I feel her arms around me. Is there a better feeling than being wrapped in your mother's arms? What safer place, what better place to be??
I treasure the memories of my mother. What a wonderful, wonderful woman she was. I feel like I am entrusted with a legacy to continue the goodness she shared. I, in NO way, am close to her goodness. But at least I had the perfect example.
I miss my mother.